How to Play and Rules

How to play the game

You will only require 1 set of Golf Game Chips for 2-4 players. 1 four-ball is ideal.

Make sure you have all 20 chips.

Each chip is assigned a rule or outcome, which is depicted on each chip. There are both negative and positive chips. 

In this version of the game, there are 5 positive chips, 14 negative chips, and 1 “wild card” 

The “wild card” chip is unique, as players may create their own positive/negative rule or outcome.

At the start of play, no one has any chips in their possession. Players will need to compete for the chips during the round. Some enthusiasts opt to have a random draw at the start and allow each player to draw 1 to 5 chips each, before the round starts, just for a little excitement.

During play, when a player hits a shot that corresponds to a chip, they are given that chip. For example, they slice it into the drink, they are given the ‘water’ chip. At the end of the round, if they still have the chip in their possession, they will need to pay the chip’s value to each player. 

Similarly, the players that have positive chips are paid the chip’s value, from each player. 

Once a player has a chip in their possession, it is their responsibility to hand that chip to the next player who plays a shot corresponding to that chip, before the next tee shot. 

For example, a player has already received the “trees” chip, and a few shots later another player hits the trees, then the player who has the chip needs to give it away before the next tee shot is played, otherwise, they are stuck with it until the next person lands in the trees. 

After the round, chips are tallied up and players then pay up or get paid as decided by the chips in their possession.

You can either wait till the end of 18 holes to tally scores, or payout after 9 holes and begin a fresh round for the back nine.

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Before you tee-off

As a group, assign a monetary or penalty value to the chips.

Perhaps a small wager or a friendly adult beverage. You may combine wagers and beverages.

You may also decide to make some chips worth double or triple. For example, the “birdie” chip could be worth 2x and the “3-putt” chip could be valued at 3x or a “not-so-friendly” drink. 

Assign a rule or achievement to the “wild card” chip. 

Once that is discussed and all are happy, you are now ready to tee off. 

Recap on the format:

  1. All players begin the round with no chips. (or randomly draw)
  2. As players earn the chips, the chips are distributed to players.
  3. It is the players’ responsibility to hand off chips, in their possession, to the next player before the next tee shot is played.
  4. When the round is complete, tally up your chips and get paid.

Definitions of the chips

Positive chips

Birdie – 1 Under Par

1 Putt – Make the putt in 1 shot.

Closest to the pin –  Played on par 3 holes, but if a player can make the green on par 4 or 5, then they get the chip.

Sandy – Play out the sand and in the hole in 2 shots!

Chip-in – Chipped from off the green and in the hole!

Mulligan chips –        Each player is handed a mulligan chip at the start of play, and they need to redeem the chip when deciding when to play their mulligan. If you play 1 mulligan per 9 then redistribute the chips at lunch. There are no penalties for the Mulligan chips, it is just a great way to keep track of them.

Negative chips

Out of bounds – A shot that lands out of bounds

Lady – A player that doesn’t drive past the lady’s tee box or if you are playing with ladies, then any player who misses a putt from 2 feet. Another option is for any man that is outdriven by a lady on the par 5’s, can pay a spot penalty to that lady, no chips pass hands in this rule, just the spot fines!

Putt off – Putt the the ball off the green

Sand – In the sand trap

Trees – Hitting a tree or landing in the bushes or long grass. If it’s a situation where you can’t quite tell, then all players vote to decide. You may also want to include contact with man-made objects such as paths, walls, or buildings.

Water – Landing in any water hazard.

Beer – Played on par 3’s only. Furthest from the pin gets this wonderful little chip. If you have this chip when you pass the drinks cart, or a drinks cart comes by, then you need to buy a round. If you still have this in your possession the next time a trolley rolls by, then you’re buying beers again! 

Seven – Seven shots exactly on a hole.

8 Ball – Scoring 8 or higher on a hole.

3 Putt – 3 putts to sink your ball.

Skull – A player that tops the ball. If there is any doubt, then the majority rules.

Lost ball – Player loses their ball.

Tip: set a time limit for them to search. 

Worm burner – A ball that travels along the ground and never gets into the air.

%$*#?! – When a player uses excessively loud & foul language and bangs their clubs on the ground.

Tip: Can make a great 2x or 3x penalty chip!

The Wild Card Chip

Your group of players decides in the beginning what rule you will assign to this chip. This rule can either be positive or negative. A good chip for 2x or 3x value.

Some examples could include: 

  • Hitting a car, house, or drinks cart.
  • Calling “fore” at any time.
  • Shooting an eagle.
  • Skipping the ball across the pond.
  • A player that has the highest score on the front 9 and then comes back to get the lowest on the back nine.
  • The lowest or highest score. 
  • 3 hazards in a row. (plus, you get all the chips that apply- will be tough to live this one down!)
  • Taking more than 1 shot to escape the sand or trees.

Just remember, you can make any rule you can conceive, if the group all agree.