Sevens, Elevens and Doubles Dice Game

How to Play

  1. Each player takes turns rolling two dice. If the player rolls a total of seven or eleven, or a double (two of the same number), they earn a point. If the player rolls any other combination, they do not earn a point.
  2. The game continues with each player taking turns rolling the dice until a predetermined number of points has been reached or a set number of rounds have been played.
  3. If a player rolls two consecutive doubles, they earn two points instead of one. However, if a player rolls two consecutive sevens or elevens, they lose a point.
  4. The game can also be played as a drinking game, with players taking a drink for each point they lose or for certain combinations rolled by the other players.

Overall, “Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles” is a simple and fun dice game that can be played by players of all skill levels.