Stuck In The Mud Dice Game

Objective: to score as many points as possible. At the start of the game players determine either 1) the target score; or 2) how many rounds they will play.

What you need:

•        5 six-sided dice. Preferably 5 dice per player. We used the dice from our Tenzi game. But there is no reason why you can’t play with just 5 total, passing all the dice around the table in turn.

•        Pen and paper for keeping score.

•        2 or more enthusiastic players

•        Optional: throwing cups. We made our own from cardboard tubes and paper cups.


Roll one die to see who goes first. The player with the highest roll starts.

Player one throws all five dice. If his roll contains a 5 or a 2 he scores no points, removes any dice showing a 5 or 2 and re-rolls the remaining dice. If the roll does not contain a 5 or a 2, he adds up the total, records it on the score card and rolls all five dice again. He continues in this way until all the dice are removed from play. Play continues with the next player.


First throw: Player rolls a 1-5-2-6-4. No score, remove the 5 and 2.

Second throw: Re-rolls remaining three dice. Rolls a 3-4-1. Score: 8

Third throw: Rolls the same three dice. Rolls a 2-2-4. No score, removes the two dice showing a 2.

Fourth throw: Rolls remaining 1 die. Rolls a 6. Score: 6.

Fifth throw: rolls 1 die. Rolls a 5. No score.

Total score: 8+6= 14

So there you have it! An easy to learn dice game that keeps kids busy, makes parents giggle and won’t let kids forget their math skills.

Fun variation: Play Drop Dead outside with giant yard dice. Kids will move their bodies a bit more, which is always good! UPDATE: I’ve since learned that this game is sometimes called “Stuck in the Mud” so if that name suits you better, go for it

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